Do you dream of better investing?

Achieve your financial goals with Creative Solutions Group

Do you dream of better investing?

Achieve your financial goals with Creative Solutions Group

Your Financial Ascension...

All under one roof


Do you have a vision of acquiring real estate investments but no clear way to do so? Or maybe you already own properties but need to expand to turn a profit?

At CSG, we make it our priority to help YOU gain or diversify your real estate assets. Whether you are starting out and need credit repair before taking your next big step, or are looking to buy your third investment property, we have programs to help you every step of the way.


Why Buying A Home is Better than Renting

This is a short description of several major reasons why buying a home is better than renting a home. Owning a home is cheaper and more […]

Low Credit Score? Here’s the Credit Card for You…

It might seem ridiculous, but there are credit cards for people with bad credit. This kind of financing is presumed to be closed, but as long […]

Advice on Credit Cards for People with Bad Credit

Bad credit is something many people are getting used to with the introduction of the National credit act many people found themselves unable to apply for […]

An Easy Primer on Mortgage Financing

Mortgage finance has become a necessity for buying home, office or any other real-estate property. Don’t be confused about the mortgage finance process or the terminologies […]

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